Positive Futures – what we’ve achieved

Through our direct support the children who have engaged have demonstrated the following:

  • 100% said they enjoyed the workshops
  • 100% said they felt happier as a result of the work
  • 100% have recommended the group to a friend
  • 80% said they felt better able to deal with stress and worry since joining the group
  • 80% said that things had got better at home and at school

Children’s comments included:

“I learnt how to manage my temper.”

“I liked the breathing exercises.”

As part of the work, we also engage with the parent/carer of these children, obtaining crucial feedback. All parents/carers stated that there had been positive changes in

  • Behaviour
  • Emotional wellbeing

Parent comments included:

“Yes he is more relaxed, happy and confident.”

“She hasn’t been so grumpy or moody.”

We have also engaged with 8 other schools within Swansea. Their feedback has included:

  • More support is needed for families around healthy behaviours with children – including building healthy relationships and being good role models.
  • Supported and training is needed for schools in terms of dealing with anxiety and pupil wellbeing
  • Supported is needed for the emotional wellbeing of teachers and school staff due to stress and increased pressure on their roles.