Positive Futures – what we do

Phase 1

We undertook consultation with Year 7 pupils in Bishop Vaughan Comprehensive School in Swansea in order to understand both their concerns and worries about moving to secondary school as well as their experiences of transition and what support they would like to receive.

140 pupils engaged with us and the main findings included:

  • 65% were worried about going to secondary school
  • Over 50% found the transition stressful
  • 45% felt they didn’t have anyone to help them with the transition
  • 65% would have liked to have received group support to help them with this
  • 35% would like to receive 1-1 mentoring support to help them with this

Phase 2

Based on the findings of these we then ran workshops with year 7 pupils to further explore these findings. Following which we wrote a bespoke 8 week support programme.

Phase 3

We then delivered our 8 week support programme through group workshops with children and young people who had been identified by the school as struggling with transition.

Phase 4

We have carried out consultations with 8 other schools within Swansea, asking what services they feel are required. The main feedback included:

  • More support is needed for families around healthy behaviours with children – including building healthy relationships and being good role models.
  • Supported and training is needed for schools in terms of dealing with anxiety and pupil wellbeing
  • Supported is needed for the emotional wellbeing of teachers and school staff due to stress and increased pressure on their roles.

Phase 5

We have engaged with year 5 and 6 pupils of feeder primary school to Bishop Vaughan to understand more about pre-transition and we can support that.