Our Impact

Since beginning to deliver our support in late 2017, we have managed to make a huge difference to people’s lives. Through our three projects, Growing Together, Brighter Futures and Positive Futures we have made the following impact.

Our impact on children

The children we’ve supported:

  • 77% have parents who suffer from mental health related symptoms (e.g. distress, anxiety, low mood)
  • 83% demonstrate high level behavioural difficulties (61% of these being a ‘diagnosed’ condition)
  • 91% suffer from low self esteem and confidence
  • 23% have persistent school absence
  • 41% have parents who are divorced or separated come from ‘blended families’

The focus of the work:

  • 76% needed help to meet emotional needs
  • 43% needed help with setting boundaries
  • 63% needed help with ensuring safety
  • 65% needed help with setting routines
  • 76% needed help with isolation
  • 71% needed help with improving physical health

The difference we’ve made:

  • 88% are happier and more confident
  • 91% feel less stressed and anxious
  • 69% demonstrate improved behaviour in school
  • 71% show improved behaviour at home
  • 92% show improved resiliency
  • 94% mproved their overall wellbeing

Pastoral Care Officer – Bishop Vaughan School

“I was very impressed with the sessions. They were varied to suit all pupils. The pupils were never told that they had to join in all activities and it was calm and relaxed. All pupils enjoyed and wished the sessions could have lasted longer. I believe all pupils have benefitted from this experience. One pupil in particular was so introvert and has come on so well. He has a group of friends now which he chats to at break/lunch whereas before he would be alone. Another young girl has benefitted by doing breathing exercises. She was getting herself upset with other pupils in her class but has learnt to control herself through breathing skills.”

Kirsty Smith, Bishop Vaughan Deputy Head

“Pupils have managed to make new friends and are less reliant on the support staff and other services offered in school. The growth means pupils are less anxious around school, particularly at break times when other pupils are around. Pupils have shared with me times when they have used breathing and coping techniques they have been given in group. Their words were this happened Miss but it was okay because I did the breathing stuff Cara and Dylan did with us and I calmed down. I didn’t even cry and I would have before”.