What we achieved

We provided a therapeutic support programme for 8 families over a 6 month period. The differences we made to these families will included:

    • Improved awareness regarding factors which hinder/support positive wellbeing
    • Improved feelings of being able to cope and manage, and therefore improved resiliency for both children and adults (parents/carers)
    • Improved parental understanding of children’s behaviour and needs
    • Improved relationships between child and parent/carer
    • Overall improved family relationships
    • Less likely to require more specialised support
    • Early identification of other needs which may become problematic if unsupported
    • Improved awareness of support systems within their community, and how to access such services

We experienced the following indirect outcomes as a result of the project:

    • Reduction in negative coping mechanisms e.g. self harm, substance misuse
    • Reduction in the need to access statutory services (including hospital admissions)
    • Improved wellbeing of family members within their family system
    • Better success of young people in school, i.e. potential improvement in attendance, behaviour, reduced risk of exclusion or spending time outside of the classroom
    • Improved relationships with others
    • More likelihood of parent/carer feeling ready to go back to work/find employment if unemployed, due to improved self-confidence and resilience