What we have achieved

Our Brighter Futures project was delivered in two key phases. The first phase took place between October 2017 – April 2018 where we engaged and consulted with 48 adults. The evidence of this was then used to develop a 6-week support programme in phase 2 of the project, which took place between April – September 2018. In the second phase we support 24 individuals and these people will showed the following improvements:

  • Improved awareness around stress awareness, stress response chain and how to manage stress
  • Be able to utilise improved relaxation techniques which aid wellbeing
  • Improved emotional health and wellbeing
  • Improved knowledge around healthy diet, and the impact on food mood and behaviour, which could be key factors in precipitating health conditions
  • Feel more resourceful/resilient in times of adversity
  • Feel more connected/supported within their local community, i.e. potential links to other medical or non-medical services
  • Raised awareness of services within their local community
  • Not need to go on to receive higher tier support services.
  • Develop healthier family lifestyles
  • Feel well enough to access/return to employment, education or training